{about me}

my name is Donatella and I am the "behind the scene" of this blog.

I am a strong believer that DIY runs in the DNA, in fact, I can say that my whole family is into DIY.
(and I'm starting from my ancestors!)


I like to get dirty with spray paint and saw dust, get bruised with pliers, get burned with my loved/hated glue gun.

Knitting needles and my crochet hook are my "not dirty" secrets.
(and the reason behind the carpal tunnel syndrome)

Sewing is another one of my attempting fashionDYIsta, and since you asked, yes I do talk to myself and to my sewing machine all the time!

Feel free to drop me a note:

{donatella [at] inspirationrealisation.com}
or on my Facebook page 

Some links on this site are affiliate links.   I am very careful about what I recommend.  All products are the ones I have tried and highly recommend.

Blogs/Websites may NOT repost my blog content without my express permission.
My tutorials and photographs belong exclusively on MY BLOG. They are my intellectual property.
I've spent countless hours making these projects and I don't want them living on someone else's site.

HOWEVER, linking to my project is perfectly fine and I encourage it!Those who link to a project of mine are welcome to take one or two photos and link each photo back to that specific post.
Thanks for stopping by, enjoy your time here!
xox, d.


  1. I always look forward to your posts. Well done on an excellent DIY blog.

  2. You are FANTASTIC. How did I just find this site now?! I'm going to look through all your projects. Grazieee!

    1. :D grazie a te!!!! thank you ... merci beaucoup!!! :D

  3. wonderful works!!! hello from Moscow, Russia ))

  4. You are fabulous!!! I am so happy I found your blog! You are inspired in your DYI and you inspire me. I want to make everything I am seeing!!! Love it and you!!

    1. Thank you Laura!!! Pls give me a link of your blog if you have one! And send me pics of what you are making! Xox happy 4th of July !

  5. Wow, Donatella, you have an awesome blog! I am so happy that I've found it! You create amazing things! :)
    It would mean a lot to me, if you checked out my blog: www.niksbox.com
    x Niki

  6. Hi
    I thought I posted comment but it's not showing up. I just wanted to make sure I told you how much I really love this blog! It's the best DIY blog I've seen in a long time!

    Angela :)

    Come check out my blog sometime!

  7. You rock! Love love love your blog. Please keep up your ingenuity.

  8. You have an amazing website, I'm glad I stumbled upon your blog. You have inspired me to create items for Christmas.

  9. Your rafia and coral dress is divine - I'm in the process of making mine now :)

  10. I'm so happy to have found you. I wrote a poem on my blog about repurposing a refrigerator, and when I was looking for a photograph to use, I found yours from 2014 -- the repurposed fridge with the yarn and such. It was on another site, but a little sleuthing brought me here. I did use the photo, but I linked back to your post, and now that I have your name I'll add that, too. If there's any problem, please let me know, and I'll find another image immediately.

    I'm passing your blog on to several of my DIY friends, too. Some do quite a bit of knitting, and I know they're going to be interested. I'm anxious to look around myself!


  11. Hi can't wait to have a good look round your site,I'm a knitter,quilter and I'm just learning on the DIY I do have a question about the beautiful sweater that was knitted in the t-shirt yarn could you tell me please how many metres or yards you used pleased I no its deafeating the object but I think I'm going to have to buy some��

    1. Hi! I made the yarn by cutting t-shirts into stripes, so I have no idea of the yardage.. I guess the best bet is to knit a sample, 10 st x 10 rows, then unravel it and measure it? Sorry, I can't be more precise.. Xox,d


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