Wednesday, July 10, 2019

handmanipulated stitches for a different take on chevron

self-striping yarn gives the best results (IMO) when used in a stitches that vreates movement, such as a ripple or a zig-zag.
this yarn was purchased at Lia Gallo 

this is why I wanted to make a simple boxy sweater out of this cotton yarn with my favorite colors!

from my Instagram

As you can see from the picture in detail, the columns of stitches aren't all the same size, and this is what gives movement to the pattern.

from my Instagram

I'm sure this can be created with the electronics machines, but ...
a- I'm not a lace card wizzard
b- the number of passes of the lace carriages would be insanity...
c-... I love a good OHM moment and use my transfer tools!

here's the video tutorial on how to make this stitch:

If you love zigzag and chevron ... I made a whole pinterest board dedicated to it!

have fun!
xox, d.

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