Tuesday, June 25, 2019

machine knitting: Miura-ori origami scarf

Miura-ori scarf on a domestic knitting machine (brother)

the finished scarf on my instagram @iamdonatella

Knitted fabric with pleats, folds and uncommon self-pleating patterns are not a novelty - think Issey Miyake "pleats please", but I thought that these kind of "origami-like" shapes would have been possible only on the fancy industrial knitting machines.
On social media, I've been mesmerized by the images of Drew McKevitt, Victoria Salmon and SJTextiles (check them out!)

To understand why and how a knit fabric folds in a certain way, I studied  Alessandrina's several blog posts, then tried over and over, starring and pictures of fabric, until I got it right (took me 8 swatches!) I was finally able to make the "Miura-ori sharp angles" pleated fabric on my brother machine. It's time consuming, but well worth it!

I tried the pattern in cotton 2/20 yarn with 3 strands, using the slider lever on the ribber set on I - but after swatching with the slider lever on II I liked the fabric better, it's perfect on either side.

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