Sunday, March 11, 2018

arThrow pillow

my first "real" embroidery

I never thought I would have the patience to embroider something on a mid-size scale, but I was really intrigued by this EMBROIDERY PEN / PUNCH NEEDLE that popped out in "products you might be interested in" on my amazon... because amazon knows you better than anyone on the planet! 

So, I went through a folder of saved images on my computer to grab some inspiration that could be feasible in terms of difficulty, with the right color scheme for my bedroom, and last but not least, mistake-forgiving, since it was a very first.
The choice  for the color pallet came down to this one:
"pessimism and optimism - by Giacomo Balla" 
image from
Since my pillow is square, I went for a similar color scheme, but using just triangles, in a "low-poly" sort of picture.

documented process from my instagram account (follow me!!!) 

tracing on the canvas
picking the colors 
the back of the work

and, finally here's the final look!

to finish the pillow, I pressed on the wrong side (no steam) some cotton interfacing fusible fabric to secure the threads from unraveling. I also sewn with a back stitch the perimeter of the design to the interfacing, so it won't get loose during washing.
The finished pillow measures 20"x20", I finished it without a zipper, just with an overlapping flap in the middle of the back. 

arThrow pillow on location 


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