Tuesday, September 19, 2017

twin set with a dropped stitch detail

it's pink... therefore it's not for me :)

This is a twin set I made last week for my mom!

The drop stitch pattern is achieved by knitting 9 rows in plain knit, and then 1 row with the ribber set onto H (half pitch) and all the correspondent needles into working position on the ribber,
then dropping all the ribber stitches by passing only the ribber carriage.
check out the video on how to play with all the dropped stitches possibilities by Susan Guagliumi here:

drop stitches video by Susan Guagliumi

I used a 2/20 50%linen 50% cotton yarn - and made a tension swatch for the plain knit and another one for the drop stitch pattern.

The tank top and the fronts and back of the cardigan have 5 stripes of drop stitch, while the cardigan's sleeves are knitted all in drop stitch pattern.

Here are my notes, with my tension gauge:

happy knitting!
xox, d.
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