Tuesday, August 29, 2017

sideways pullover

inspired by Vince & Anthropologie

my latest machine knitted pullover was inspired by Vince and Anthropologie's last year knits: although I always prefer to have long or 3/4 sleeves on my knits. 

top: Vince - bottom: Anthropologie
I found a schematics of this knits on a russian site, via Pinterest (of course...) and I decided to make something similar, with a very thin linen yarn, used in 3 strands (and it's still a very fine knit).

Here are my schematics - gauge swatch, measures, and numbers .... 

BROTHER KH930 + RIBBER  -  machine settings:

main carriage : tension 6
ribber carriage: H (for the full bed ribbed edge) - II - tension 8
50 stitches = 13.8 cm
50 rows = 14.5 cm

The rounded bottom edge is formed with 17 needles in work on the ribber: increasing stitches (18 needles - use a deck comb or the 7 needles transfer tool multiple times) and decreasing stitches (19 needles - use a deck comb or the 7 needles transfer tool multiple times).

Front and back neckline are shaped by decreasing stitches (using 7 needles transfer tool) and increasing stitches (using 6 needles transfer tool) on the opposite side of the bottom edge -

I'm a size 0-2, but the pullover has a loose fit.

The top part of the sleeves are shaped using the needles in holding position, and then knitting the last two rows with all needles in work.

I casted on and binded off every piece on waste yarn, and then sew the open stitches with the "smiles & frowns bind off" by Diana Sullivan, and sewn the bottom of the sleeves and top of the shoulders with mattress stitch, so the seams are barely visible.

...this is most likely my last summer knit... time to think for Autumn and Winter :(

xox, d.

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