Thursday, July 13, 2017

DIY: beachglass lamp

the beach is a great place to get... free supplies ;)

I love beachcombing: it's my favorite activity at the beach.
I like shells and pebbles, but my most favorite things to pick on my walks are the colorful pieces of shattered and polished glass.

So, over time, my jars containing beachglass are gone from small, to medium, to large, all sorted by colors (of course).

Yesterday I decided to do something that put together another of my favorite activities: knitting.
I knitted a long tube of nylon thread  (on my brother knitting machine 10 needles on main bed, 9 needles on ribber - tubular knitting setup - tension 7) 

I already had a wire lamp shade (I have another, bigger one, too that will soon see some action): made a provisional knot (leaving some extra room for finishing later) on a corner, then started to place some beachglass into the tube and wrapping it tight to the top, and keep going until all the four sides were adorned with colorful glasses.
The knitted mesh is quite elastic, and the glasses are secured in place and not moving around after it's being tightened.

It was a fun afternoon, and this will make an awesome present! 
I'm thinking to use the smaller size glasses with a smaller tube to make summer necklaces and bracelets! 

xox, d. 

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