Saturday, June 24, 2017

empty squares - a Margiela (or not) inspired vest

Who inspired who, anyway?

I often look at designers' knits for inspirations.
And to knitting books as well.
This is a combo-story.

Empty Squares is my version and adaptation of a Maison Margiela sweater, and also in a pattern book that came out before the MMM. (but I did see the MMM first, anyway)
I made this vest as a test-knit: just to have an idea if I could get beyond bored to knit something like this or ... even worse, if I could stomach the endless amount of ends that have to be waved in (every empty square has two tails. Just-sayin') 
It's all knitted in garter stitch, and I wanted to enhance the square theme by making a mitered corners neckline and armholes. 

I used a cotton-base yarn wrapped in lurex in shades of light grey, black, royal blue and navy blue. (from Lia Gallo FB page - I used for this vest leftovers from a cone I got few years back).
I don't like the look of pooling yarn, so this was a good way to avoid any pooling - breaking the pattern every few rows.

I still want to make a whole sweater with this pattern, with the squared, more pronounced neckline as I did for the vest, in wool/cashmere. 
It might happen. Not sure, though!

I have a folder on my computer called "to-do-knit" where I place images from random e-shops. 
Maison Margiela - knit sweater with cut-out checks

I also happened to own  the Pop Knitting  book which has - a very very very - almost - identical sweater pattern in it. See for yourself:

...anywhooo: who inspired who? 

having said that ...

Peace out!
xox, d.

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