Monday, April 17, 2017

MK - oversized-er-er sweater pattern - free -

mystery linen yarn - again

I published yesterday a picture of my latest fatigue (literally) on my knitting machine, the "mystery linen yarn {finally finished} turned into an oversized, overseamed sweater.

This yarn is a B***H ! twists like crazy, so I had to make a pattern with some structure to be able to block it and tame it.

Not very visible on the large picture, but better visible on the detailed pics, the pieces are sewn together using the right side and the wrong side of the fabric, creating an even more detail.

Needles to say, my new favorite - at least, for now.

Patten, expressed in schematics, is on my ravelry page, for free.


Tuesday, April 4, 2017

machine knitted drawstring camisole

happy birthday, Nadia!

I love Pinterest because I can see what my friends like and make them things, always somehow late, for their birthday!

This was the case with the drawstring camisole from Purl soho, I had a gorgeous tweed linen yarn that I knew would be perfect for this summer camisole.

All info about my machine knitted version are on my ravelry  HERE .

I don't have much information about the yarn, purchased last summer... it's a cone with no name, no tags, ... no nothing. All I know it's linen and it's gorgeous!!

Have fun!
xox, d.

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