Friday, February 3, 2017

turban and infinity scarf

for the turban:

knit a rectangular (in a reversible stitch)
about 5"-5-1/2" wide x 42" long
wrap, twist and pin over your head
sew it
(instructions on how to perfection the wrap & twist are free on Lion Brand)

for the infinity scarf:

knit a rectangular (same reversible stitch, using bigger needles so will be softer)
about 11" wide x 48" long
fold in half, twisting one edge
sew the edges together
(and infographic on how to fold the infinity scarf is here: on Giuliano & Giusy Marelli FB page)

I used three yarn of different shades of blue, twisted together to obtain the heather/tweed look.
big cone - 2/28 cashmere (2 strands) 
small cone 2/30 cashwool (2 strands)
small cake 2/30 cashwool (2 strands)

The stitch that I picked is a  stitch that I really like, and used in the past already, which is worked all rows in the same way, and it's a perfect "no brainer- for traveling" go to stitch:

Multiple of 3 + 2 selvedges


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