Friday, April 15, 2016

DIY - pullover with slashed sleeves

slashed sleeves - inspired by Tess Giberson

I made this pullover on my machine after seeing the Tess Giberson's one.
I used 3 strands of 2/28 Loro Piana cashmere, in cherry red, on my brother knitting machine KH860. 
Needles to say, it's like wearing a cloud... with slashes!

Gauge stockinette: tension 6 on my brother KH860
50 stitches = 15,2 cm // 5-7/8" 
50 rows = 10,3 cm //  4"

right: Tess Giberson slash sleeves pullover on Lyst

The bottom and the sleeves edge are worked with just two strands of 2/28 cashmere, in tubular, 
for a total of 50 rows, which I left un-sewn on the bottom.
zig zag tension 0 -> 2 (broken toe cast on by Diana Sullivan)
tubular 0.2 -> 5
tubular 2 -> 50

These are the schematics based on my size (small, but with a loose fit):
the decreases for the raglan sleeves are all done using the 5 prongs transferring tool and decreasing two stitches at the time.

For the collar, I casted on with waste yarn  L42+R43on a tubular, then knit for 20 rows - two rows of ravel cord - then changed onto working yarn 24 rows on tension 6 and 10 rows on tension 5, then knit again with waste yarn and take it off the machine. 
Pick up the open stitches on knitting needles and casted off loosely on the side of the tighter tension. 
Sew with back-stitch around the neckline.

bottom: Tess Giberson slash sleeves pullover on Lyst

To make the slashes, I used a strand of ravel cord to manually work the stitches and continue working on the machine, then placed the stitches onto knitting needles and bind-off -
On a machine knitting group, a member bind-off with a separate strand of working yarn the stitches, and immediately cast-on, I might try this other way next time.

xox, d.

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