Wednesday, February 17, 2016

new sweater: thick and thin

a combination of handknit and machine knitting

My friend at yarn-way gifted me with two skeins of this gorgeous bulky yarn, in my favorite sky blue color: at first I thought I could make a hat and and a cowl, but it's so soft and pretty it would be a waste for "just" accessories. 
So.... I made the most of the two skeins.

the bottom edge is knitted in tubular, without seams at the sides, and the front and back of the sweater have been "sandwiched" in hand-sewn with back-stitch

I hand-knitted the front trying to come up with a shape that would need the least amount of yarn: so here the asymmetric hem, and the raglan sleeves.

For the back and sleeves I used my knitting machine a 2/14 merino/cashmere blend, in heather grey, knitted on tension 3.** - gauge 50 st x 50 r = 12.7cm x 9 cm.
The back is knitted casting on on waste yarn, knitted 3 rows and then placed the needles in position E and the carriage on H to knit short rows to match the asymmetry of the front.

 here are my notes: 

xox, d.

keep in touch! 

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