Thursday, November 26, 2015

DIY : all in one scarf

scarf + shoulders wrap + sleeves + fingerless gloves

Cold no more!

I knitted one of these long time ago, and ended up frogging it because it just didn't fit right.
and from the comments on Facebook, I guess that I wasn't  the only one being frustrated at this!

I liked the fit and look of 'be my baby' from wool and the gang, although I didn't want just a ribbed version.
There are several patterns for achieving the look, some are free too, like the Relay from Berroco on Raverly.
Well, as usual, I decided to go on my own and make it up as I went.

The stitch I used for the body of the scarf is a very pretty, reversible, stitch that gives a nice stretch and texture, and reminds me of a chainmaille. It's a very repetitive stitch, worked the same way on right and wrong side. 
I used a thin lambswool yarn that I'd purchased for machine knitting, a title 2/17 yarn, in two strands, that gives a fingering weight yarn, and used 4.5mm (US7) needles - so a much larger size of needles for what the yarn would require.

all in one scarf pattern/recipe

This is more of a recipe rather than a pattern, since my way of making it fit was to try it on an pin it on a long-sleeves t-shirt to make sure the length was right.
I am putting my measurements, but need to be fit on a person's size!

CAST ON - multiple of 3 st. + 2 selvedges (selvedges worked as follow: pass 1st stitch as to knit, without knitting, and knit the last stitch of every row) - I casted on 89 stitches for mine on a provisional cast on.

1st row - knit
2nd row and on: SELVEDGE *YO - SL1 - K2TOGTBL* SELVEDGE 
(I knitted with the pattern until I reached 139cm / 55" length)
last row: knit

Once I was happy with the measurement of the body of the scarf, I machine-knit the sleeves (just an act of lazyness eheh).
the sleeves are just 1:1 rib , 33 cm (13") long.

cast on - 59 stitches, 
knit without increases for 67 rows
then increase 1 stitch/needle on each side every 8 rows for 12 times.
cast off on waste yarn at row 168

The total number of stitches of the sleeves will be 83.
I then placed the sleeves on thin knitting needles, and bound off with the three needles technique attaching the sleeves to the body of the scarf, bounding off k2tog on the body 's side 6 stitches at equally distance.

Sew up the sleeves, leaving the opening (about 3 cm - 1-1/4") for the thumbs, and 15cm (6") of the body of the scarf - again, this is based on my figure, so try on the scarf once just the sleeves are sew together, and decide how much need to be sewn.

... and happy Thanksgiving!

keep in touch! 
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