Monday, March 2, 2015

Machine Knitting: striped twin set

a machine knit inspired by a hand-knit pattern

This twin set that I just finished last night has been inspired by "Caramel", a top-down, hand-knit cardigan pattern that is on my Raverly forever.

Then, few weeks ago, somebody on a knitting group on Facebook, posted about it and my mind got spinning to try to adapt the pattern achieving something similar in a much thinner yarn, and worked my way backward. 

From the same pattern, I loved the random stripes in "lemon bars"  (but: a- I look awful in yellow and b- I had plenty of turquoise and ...c- shades of blue are my favorite colors) so I decided to use my favorite method - Excel - to trace the stripes according to my gauge and make the row counts and all I needed to make myself ready on my machine and knit, and change color, and knit till I was done. 

(file includes all increases/ decreases for both cardigan and shell)

The cardigan is a raglan-sleeve pattern, with the two front parts that don't have any neckline shaping, this gives the nice flowing lines 
My numbers are based on my yarn and gauge -
yarn is 2/30 used in two strands (cashwool/turquoise, lambswool/light grey, merinos/dark grey)
(I'm a size Small)
GAUGE: measured on stockinette stitch on my Brother KH860 knitting machine, on tension 3.**
50 st = 12.7 cm // 5"
50 rows = 9.9 cm // 3-7/8"

the shell's armholes (and the cardigan fronts' edges) have been lined with a small, 11 stitches wide, stockinette strip that has been sewn onto the edges, then rolled over (so would hide all the tails created by the stripes) and secure on the wrong side with an invisible stitch.

while the cardigan is boxy, the shell is fitted with decreases on the hips
and increases from the waist up 

...and here I am... with and without!

Wore it today already!
hope you'll like it and find the instructions easy to follow :)

keep in touch! 

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