Tuesday, January 20, 2015

intarsia knitting: the TV monoscope

I remember being almost hypnotized by  

the "no signal" TV screen 

... oh, the 80's!

So well, I decided to turn this "oldies but goodies" into a sweater.

I made my own chart, using Excel (see the how-to here) - I tried different kinds of generators, but at the end I went back to Excel to make it exactly like I wanted.
The advantage of this is that the cells can be modified to the exact size of the knit, matching exactly the stitch gauge.
The disadvantage is that... well it's time consuming.
top left picture is a free stock image found here - collage and everything else by moi
the vertical lines were embroidered in "knit stitch"
the "no signal" and the "xox" letters embroidered in back stitch
up to 15 cones... intarsia madness indeed!

weaving the ends... lots of them! from my instagram feed

I made the chart in color version (pictured above) that can be used for hand-knitters,
and a B/W version with just the name of the colors 

also placed in reverse orders for machine knitting


HERE for the machine knitting version and HERE for the hand-knit version 

The sweater is made of 100% 2/30 merino wool used in 3 strands, on my Brother knitting machine with stockinette stitch on tension 6.
Bottom edge, wrists, and collar are knitted in tubular in black 2/14 merino wool, on tension 2**.
Gauge on stockinette is: 32 st and 46 R in 10cm / 4"

xox, d.

keep in touch! 
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