Wednesday, December 24, 2014

the Bonnie & Clyde smock stitch sweater

a vintage sweater inspired by Bonnie & Clyde!

Well.. here it is, a lot of smocking later, I finally finished my mom's Christmas present.

The sweater construction is just plain and boxy, but the smock stitch defines the waist and the cuffs.

left pic: from style alchemy collage by moi
To make my life easier for the smock stitch, I made a sample swatch to figure how many rows I wanted to smock (in my case 8 rows): so while working on the machine, I ran a contrast overlock polyester thread every 8 rows for the number of rows I needed my smock stitches.
This way the rows are nicely marked and there is no counting to do.
This trick was ended up being very helpful, although - if I had to do smock stitch again {not in the near future, for sure!!} instead of doing the smock stitch on the marked stitch - I'd do it on the next row: the thread came off quickly with the small 50 stitches swatch, but was a bit of work to remove it from the actual work: if I'd do the smock stitch on the row just next to the marker, the thread wouldn't be caught in the smocking and would be easier to remove!
Here's the link for the  how-to smock stitch !

The machine is set on H (half pitch) with all the needles in working position on the main bed, and 1 needle in working position every 7 on the ribber.

 ...and happy holidays!


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