Tuesday, October 7, 2014

DIY: menswear panelled pullover inspired by Tim Coppens

sweater-weather applies to men, too!

Finally few days of perfectly clear weather, so I could have my husband modeling my last fatigue!

This sweater was inspired by Tim Coppens panelled knit pullover. I used a thinner yarn since my husband loves thin sweaters, so this is one of the reasons he doesn't complain [too much] about my knitting machine purchases.

left: Tim Coppens panelled sweater / collage by moi

The yarn it's a 2/14 merino / alpaca 
and is the same I used for the lace scarf: it's Baruffa "River Tweed"

Panelled pullover // execution:

The front and back of the sweater are knitted on the main bed up until two rows before the armhole, then I transferred all the stitches on the ribber's needles, and transferred 3 stitches on the main bad every 6 rows to create the ribbed effect.
The reverse stockinette knitted on the ribber worked fine, although it was just for few rows.

NOTE: once the pieces will be finished they will look absolutely WRONG! The ribbed parts will make the pullover ultra skinny and extra long: but fear not! Let the pieces relax for few hours, then give it appropriate wash and blocking and will look just as it should be. 

charts for the pattern were made using Excel - this sweater is a size men's Large.
if you want to print them or modify them CLICK HERE

I hope the chart is clear, but if you have any questions or doubts, feel free to ask for details!

xox, d.
keep in touch! 

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