Monday, October 27, 2014

DIY amigurumi cufflinks

Looking for a fun, manly gift? Make cufflinks.

When "The Amigurumi guru" Kate Alinari  was looking for a tester for a new pattern, I volunteer immediately.
For many reasons: 
a - she made a pattern for cufflinks
(seriously? crocheted cufflinks? can things get more perfect??)
b - never tried to crochet in small scale, and try on a small project was my best bet.

Result: success!!

Initially I thought I'd make these for my husband (for the non business-like kind of days). But then I thought he has so many cufflinks and I could use few more. 
Reason to keep the smiley face cufflinks for myself?
They match my newer version of the smiley face bracelet.

Reason to keep the evil eye cufflinks for myself?
I am in a "evil-eye" phase. That's it.

The pattern is HERE, comes in 4 different variations and (last, but not least) is offered in Italian and English (translated by very truly yours...) 

Wait no more, start making something that will leave your friends jaw-dropping. 

xox, d.

keep in touch! 

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