Saturday, September 6, 2014

DIY: Nektar De Stagni smiley face and pearl bracelet

put smileys on your wrist. and pearls, too.

left: Nektar De Stagni - collage by moi
This bracelets is extremely easy to make, and will put a smile on your face, too!
I'm not a fan of stretch bracelets, so I made my version using a clasp.
If you prefer the stretch kind, making this will be even faster!

DIY smiley face and pearl bracelet // supplies: 

Yellow Smiley Face Glass Beads 6mm

Swarovski Elements Crystal Round Pearl Beads, 5mm, White (this is what I had, although the 6mm pearl beads would have worked better)

Bead Crimper Crimp Tool Pliers

Crimp Tube Beads 2x2mm

Toggle Clasp, 9mm, Silver

Nylon Fishing Line (make sure that once used doubled, will still pass through the beads)

In case you want to do the stretch bracelet, all you need is some Elastic Floss 0.8mm

DIY smiley face and pearl bracelet // tutorial: 

string the smiley face and pearls, in equal amount,
enough to go tightly on your wrist 
string a tube crimp bead and one part of the clasp onto one end

make a loop around the eye of the clasp, and pass the
nylon line through the tube crimp bead and few beads too (to hide the tail)

use the pliers to crimp the tube bead, and cut the excess nylon line

repeat on the other side!


xox, d.

keep in touch! 

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