Wednesday, September 3, 2014

DIY - MK : the MC Escher sweater

This "sky and water" sweater was the birthday present for an 
art student / MC Escher's lover, AKA, my s-daughter

In a precedent post, (HERE) I shared the process of the transformation a single bed fair isle motif into a double jacquard motif to avoid the floats on the wrong side of the work. 
The punchcard into consideration, inspired by MC Escher "Sky and Water" was used to knit a couple of cowl necks, just to get my hand on it right. 
The whole idea was to make a sweater transitioning from light to dark with the motif right above the waist. 

detail of the MC Escher inspired "Sky and Water" sweater
Yarn used:
Indigo: merino wool 2/28 - 2 ply
Light grey: merino/alpaca/cashmere/silk/viscose/acrylic 1/14 blend - 1 ply (bought here)

Full ribbed, machine knitted, casting on on max tension and 3 rows of tubular at tension 2.1, then 3.2 for the entire length of the work.

Sleeves came out rather long, but she said "she likes long sleeves" so... it's ok!
how my sketches looks like while I'm working...
how my sketches SHOULD really look like!!
The number of stitches is considered of the number shown on the main bed. Because the sweater is worked full ribbed on a double bed, the number of needles is actually double.

Try to work with a number of stitches multiple of 24 (+2 for seams allowance), 
so the seams on the sides won't show a broken pattern.
(in my case: 146 = 144 +2)

Front is slightly shorter than the back, and left the side splits.

sleeves / shoulders detail.
I lost my notes on the sleeves details :(
will edit this post if I'll miraculously find them again!
Calculate the max width of the sleeves needed at the slanted angle
of the armhole, subtract the wrist's width, divide by 2 to obtain the number of increases.
Divide the number of rows by the number of increases to figure out the correct ratio.
turtle neck / neckline detail
The neck is a rectangular piece, with a seam on the back.
(the seam has been done halfway inside out and halfway right side in)
Full ribbed, end with waste yarn,
and sew onto the neckline with a backstitch on the live stitches.

xox, d.

keep in touch! 

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