Friday, September 26, 2014

DIY desk with saw horse brackets

my desk/knitting table is complete ... and it was DIY designed

The desk is made out of three pieces - with these dimensions
Using plywood for the most parts (cheaper than other materials) 
at the carpenter's shop WIP

the legs are Sawhorse heavy duty Brackets - worked out extra well,
since most of my furniture have orange accents! (only two sets needed)

the three pieces are hold in place with biscuits on the sides and
window locks

for cable management - drilled holes and covered with three
 plastic cord grommets / hole covers - 2" diameter

It's not perfect, but mostly hidden
an extension cord outlet lays onto the bracket and it's hold in place with zipties
this is the corner support - still needs patching - the grommet on the desk top is right in the corner
the support is hollow and the cables can pass through
the edges are smooth and was used a "ribbon" veneer of Europly,
giving a nice finished edge
xox, d.

keep in touch! 


  1. This looks awesome - I cant believe that you made it by yourself. Oh how I wish I had a desk like this

  2. Thank you so much for being so generous and open with your knowledge.
    Knockoff DIYs, machine knitting and now plans for what is clearly a super practica, multi-functional
    work table/desk design...
    You're an amazing woman!

    1. thank you Maribelle!! I grow up in a DIY family, getting ingenious and make things runs in the DNA! xox, d.

    2. You really are a tremendous resource. This site of yours is a genuine act of generosity.
      I hope one day to be able to do something in a similar vein.

      Many thanks


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