Thursday, July 3, 2014

DIY vintage buttons bracelets

bracelets and some crochet, for a change!

I started to make these bracelets long time ago, and then they ended up in my PHD (AKA projects half done) pile... 
Finally finished, already wore one last night and received tons of compliments!

It all started when a friend posted a picture of a window's store on Facebook displaying some crocheted bracelets embellished with vintage Les Copains buttons.
The chat on FB immediately warmed up on the base of the "We can do that!!"

Turned out, that another blogger (check her out HERE, and BTW, her name is also Donatella!!) made something similar using pearls. (very pretty, have to try that as well!!!)

Emanuela (she is the faster knitter/crocheter ever known to humanity) made some very pretty ones using sherbet colors. You can see hers HERE. Love that she used chains as well. Oh, the possibilities!

If you follow my instagram, you might remember awhile back I posted a picture with my "collection" of vintage metal buttons...

DIY vintage buttons bracelets : supplies

cotton crochet thread #8 in your color choice (I used leftovers from my last knitted sweaters)
crochet hook size 2mm  (but check your gauge, make sure that the crocheted pieces are sturdy)
* my vintage buttons, in case you don't have any, these HERE are affordable and a good selection

DIY vintage buttons bracelets: the tutorial

All the bracelets are made using the basic single crochet stitch.
in the round: start with enough chain stitches that can easily slip on your hand,
and single crochet until you have about 2-1/2" (+/- 7cm)
straight: chain 26 stitches and crochet enough rows to go around your wrist.

I love the different textures!
Select and arrange the buttons

Sew the buttons evenly spaced in place
Once all the buttons are sewn in place, flip the bracelet inside out and sew the two sides together.

Wear and have fun!!!

xox, d.

keep in touch! 

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