Thursday, July 17, 2014

DIY - knot your scarves: apps and roundups

There's an app for almost anything, 

for knotting your scarves (and ties), too!

Most of the "knotting cards" are now into a very practical, useful app:
download it here if you have an iPhone, or here for Android, cool, uh?

...But, just in case... save the Knotting Cards - Hermes pdf file on your computer, because you never know when it's going to disappear.

On you can find the Knot Master List, or... get an app: Scarf Fashion Designer (iPhone) - or the iScarf - or  Tie A Scarf and Shawl (Android)

And, beside a "selfie"... now you can shot yourself a "scarfie" with the Emilio Pucci Scarfie app (you don't even need a scarf, it's all in the app....!!!)
Clearly, guys have a How to Tie a Tie app, too! (here and here)

And let's not forget the clever scarf-video!

And here have fun with more tutorials and roundups:
scarves to dress your home, the DIY way
DIY: how to turn a scarf into a piece of clothing
DIY: scarves into shirts - no sew tutorials

For more DIY scarves tutorials and how-tos: go to the most reliable source of DIYs: TrueBlueMeAndYou

And for more Hermes-related pdfs file, and DIY tutorials and ideas, go (again) to TrueBlueMeAndYou - here

And for a good scarf-related-laugh? ... go here !

xox, d.

keep in touch! 

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