Thursday, May 8, 2014

DIY yarn organization: repurposed old fridge

I was told to go on a HIGH FIBER DIET

Few weeks ago, we changed our refrigerator, but I love my small retro SMEG so much that I didn't want to get rid of it.

The bigger version isn't as good looking as the smaller one.
But I can go two weeks without going to the grocery store now! so it's a winner !

I love my small refrigerator so much, but it was just too-small.
So downstairs it went to my craft room.
...and got a new life.
My yarn stash is now happy, secure, dust free and all in one place!

First, I cleaned the refrigerator with a strong detergent, Then I dried it out completely and left it open with plenty of open boxes of baking soda in it for a good 40-45 days.
This morning I checked and there was no trace of a single smell. 
I packed my yarn placing at the base of several cones some lavander bags (that I made using lavender from my bushes) and now it's all done!

think outside the "box" :)

xox, d.
keep in touch! 

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