Sunday, May 18, 2014

DIY - MK - Valentino striped sweater

For the love of stripes... and Valentino.

I love stripes, and tried a swatch some days ago with red, cream and blue cotton, and worked on the measurements and pattern. 

The stripes are:
2 rows RED
8 rows CREAM
2 rows RED
8 rows NAVY
...and repeat

swatch sample with 2/50 cotton in 8 strands
This is the charted pattern in cm and inches.
It's a very easy, basic patten, which would be easy to handknit as well.
The only challenge is to keep the stripes count right while doing the increasings
and the short rows for the shoulders.

Here it is, all spread out.

Detail of the shoulders. I love the "V" shape that the stripes form on the shoulders.
I should have closed the stitches on the shoulders, rather than keeping the needles on hold position: the result is that I have the "bumps" in correspondence of the wrap around the needle. Nothing like making mistakes to learn better ! 
xox, d.

keep in touch! 

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