Friday, May 2, 2014

DIY - MK - cotton sweater with square-striped-yoke

Another sweater, and more stripes, too. 
Vaguely inspired by Seen by Chloe 

This is the sweater that I just finished on my knitting machine. Washed, pressed and ready to wear!
Inspiration comes from this Seen by Chloe sweater, but I didn't want the "bib" effect.
Seen by Chloe sweater here

detail of the seams - all done by hand, so not perfect. 

swatch sample:

I used 6 strands of 2/50 cotton in denim blue and ivory - same used for the intarsia coral sweater and my mom's pillow covers
I have so much of this cotton that I need to figure out what to make with it!

I always use the double zig-zag cast on explained in Diana Sullivan's video called "the broken toe cast on" .


This sweater is made out of 8 parts: front, back, the sleeves and the yoke.
The yoke is made out of 4 parts, sewn together at the sides to make the mitered corners which make the square neckline.
The sweater measures are following (sweater flat, not stretched)
LENGHT - cm 64 - 25-3/8"
WIDTH - cm 49 - 19-1/4"
LENGHT - cm 49.5 - 19-1/2"
WRIST WIDTH - cm 16 - 13-3/4
MAX WIDTH - cm 34 - 6-5/8
And here the template translated in rows and stitches:

xox, d.
keep in touch! 

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