Sunday, February 9, 2014

DIY: tubular machine knitting... and a knot pillow

knots pillow have gotten very popular in the DIY world...

Since I love knots in all forms, I decided to join the club and gave it a try too.
I had to practice using my knitting machine, and with the two beds machines, one of the first lessons on the manual is about how to knit in tubular.
I thought that doing the same thing over and over is actually the key to getting it right... right?

4 bights turk's head knot pillow: supplies

(but considering that I unraveled a big chunk at the end probably 3 would have been enough)

My pillow turned out  52cm x 52 cm // 20.5" x 20.5" 
It's large: it would be perfect as floor cushion (but I would scotch guarded in that case).

here's the result: a 6 meters (about 20 ft long) knitted tube

Edit 2/8/2015 : I'm taking down my tutorial after being asked by Ragnheidur Osp  (the designer also known as Umemi on Etsy)

Edit: 3/1/2014
Have you noticed how many times I mentioned "time consuming" in this DIY? 
From beginning to end, I worked about two days on it.
Not to mention that if you want a quality product, you'll end up spending quite some money on the yarn and filling.
This is where I wished I've found the Umemi Etsy store sooner... 

Notknot pillows @ Umemi on Etsy

xox, d.
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  1. This is a beautiful pillow. I love knots. The color and texture is great.

    1. Thank you! me too, I'm crazy about knots! :) d.

  2. This is the most beautiful pillow I have ever seen!!
    great work!!

  3. This is very interesting. I love it. Thank you for tut

  4. Lovely pillow! I'm very impressed that you knitted the fabric yourself. It's a lovely design!

    Thank you for sharing my pillow tutorial! - Sara @ Tried & Twisted

    1. Thank you Sara! I love your heart pillow, too!! :)


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