Friday, February 21, 2014

DIY MK multi-striped sweater

anatomy of a multi-striped sweater

After more than two decades (ugh... really??) without a knitting machine, it is time to get serious about making things.

When it's about knitting, there are two things that I like the most: cables and stripes.

So... for this sweater, I decided to go with stripes.

Stripes are a good stash-buster project. But not all stripes are created equal.
Since I'm going to wear this thing, it takes a little preparation to get things the right way.

First... look around. Designers are doing striped and multi-striped garments for as long as you can think. So chances are... you'll find plenty of inspiration.

my inspiration board on Polyvore
Once I had a 50 stitches x 50 rows sample ready with the yarn of my choice (3 threads of 2/28 : 2 are cachemire, and 1 merinos wool), I opened an Excel spreadsheet and adapted the width and length of my squares equal to the size of my stitches. 
Once I knew how many rows and how many stitches I needed for my sweater, I started to fill the rows in different colors, until I had my final design.
This is an easy way to keep your projects in your computer, for future reference.

To calculate the neckline, I used the same method.
...and then, just some arms workout!!

I love turtlenecks and funnel necks. (if the yarn is not itchy!!)
The yarn I'm using is so soft that I could be completely cocooned into it!
It's a very simple design: just a wide rectangle of full beds ribbing, where I started with a very tight tension, and after the first 30 rows I increased 0.1 tension every 10 rows: I knitted a total of 100 rows, then used some scrap yarn for few rows and sew the open stitches around the neckline.

xox, d.

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