Thursday, January 30, 2014

DIY machine knitting: striped cachemire scarf

my first machine knitting project after decades!

I made this scarf and finished last night. It's for my husband, and hopefully he'll like it!

I wanted to make it as a tubular, but the yarn I'm using it's way too thin for my machine, and by the time I was done with so many failure samples, I decided to make it in a very very long panel, folded in half and sew the sides.

I'm using 6 different colors of 2/28 yarn in 100% cachemire
this yarn is thin, a wee bit too thin as first project...  it was a bit of trouble!

I draw the pattern to get the idea of the stripes, and using my sample,
I decided for the number of rows of each color.

here's the pattern memo:

I started at the end of the work with scrap yarn.
I made the 196 rows of stripes (second column of numbers from the left - row count from the bottom up), then 700 rows in navy blue,
then 196 rows of stripes (last column of numbers reading - row count from the top down).
Then I knitted 1092 (= 196+700+196) rows in navy blue for the back panel.

the following picture is the one with the right colors.
the weather is being naughty and taking a decent picture in the past two days wasn't easy!
I casted on 100 stitches and worked in stockinette.
To make it easier to sew in a straight line on the sides, I closed the 4th needle on both sides.
(probably the 3rd would have been better, but anyway... it's done)
You can see that putting the two panels right-sides-in, I had a nice dotted line to follow for my seam.
Which I hand sew, with back stitch.
The top image is the edge hand stitched using
the smiles and frowns tutorial by Diana Sullivan 

Once again, the online community is great: I want to 
because honestly, after more than two decades without using a knitting machine,  I couldn't have made it without the huge selection of videos and tips.

Now that the ice is broken... I can't wait to get more things done !!

keep in touch! 

xox, d.
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