Monday, December 16, 2013

DIY wrapping gifts: Santa's belt

This Christmas, all my gifts will be wrapped as Santa's

... with a belt and a gold buckle

Wrapping gifts this way take a little of preparation, but once you get it going it doesn't take too long.
...And I love the look under my teddy bear Christmas tree :)

Santa's belt wrapping gifts: supplies needed

Weel, I had everything from previous years, so this was actually a "stash busting" DIY (extra points!!!)
Red wrapping paper
Gold wrapping paper
Black contact paper
Card stock
X-ACTO knife
Glue stick
- scissors and pencil

Santa's belt wrapping gifts: the how-to // tutorial:

First, wrap all your gifts in red wrapping paper.
I put everything in boxes, which makes the process easier and neater. (Just keep all medium sizes boxes  year round, and you'll have plenty to use & recycle!)

cut a square piece of card stock, depending on the size of your gift, this one is 3" x 3"
cut a square piece of gold wrapping paper, about 5-1/2" x 5-1/2" 
glue the card stock onto the center of the wrong side of the gold paper 
glue the wrong side of the gold paper and fold two sides
Trim a little the edges
Glue and fold the other two sides.
And let the glue dry very well, or the rest it's going to be messy !
Whit a pencil, mark two 1" parallel lines in the center 
Use your x-acto knife to cut over the marked lines: as you can see on the smaller square:
if the glue is not really dry, the knife will tear the gold wrapping paper.
Also use your knife applying pressure in really small lines, making sort of ----- very close marks. 
Cut a 1" piece of black contact paper,
with the length of the circumference of your package plus 1" overlapping.
Remove 2" of the contact paper backing in the center. 
Insert the contact paper into the "buckle" and be careful to place the center  part well aligned. 
Remove the rest of the backing from the contact paper and wrap the waist of your gift!! 

xox, d.

keep in touch! 

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