Monday, December 9, 2013

DIY himmeli earrings

I love himmeli ornaments.

And in a smaller scale, they make a perfect jewelry piece!
I had in mind to make jewelry inspired by himmeli since this post last year... I guess better late than never!

DIY himmeli earrings - the supplies:

To be 100% honest: these are simply to make, but you need the right supplies.
I used three different kind of wires, because I wanted a thicker one that would work also as earring hook, which would have look more polished and minimal, but the thicker wire just doesn't work because adds too much bulk and I got few beads chipped. 
So... I was almost ready to settle on a total craft fail, but I didn't want just to give up yet, and with the thinner wire, everything eventually worked out!

These supplies are the needs for one pair of earrings:

* 24 - Bugle Glass Bead, 20mm, Silver Lined, Crystal (each pack has plenty... 50 gr are about 250 beads)
* 30" - Sterling Silver Wire 26 Gauge (.016") Round Half Hard
(or if you want to use beads with different length : the length of your bead x 12 + legth x2)
* 2 - 925 Sterling Silver Ear Wire French Hook Earwires Coil Ball
Round Nose Pliers

DIY himmeli earrings: the how-to // tutorial:

Because I'm using wire, I didn't want to deal with extra twists or pieces of wire to build the shape, therefore this is the how-to for building the himmeli with just one length of wire.
Do not bend the wire too close to the edges of the beads or the pressure will chip the glass beads.
I always twisted the wire twice - Every himmeli uses 12 beads.
1- place three beads on the wire
2 - bend the wire in a triangle and twist (leave about 2" on the shorter part of the wire)
3 - place two beads on the wire
4 - bend toward the existing triangle and twist
5 - place two beads on the wire
6 - bend toward the existing triangle and twist
7 - place two beads on the wire
8- bend toward the existing triangle and twist
9 - place only one bead on the wire
bend the series of triangles that you have built until now, and place the wire with the single beads under the corner  of the jhoin: this will shape the square center part of the himmeli.
place the last two beads into the wire, one into each side.
close the two last beads at an angle, placing one of the wires under the opposite corner,
and twist them together.
twist the two wires together
Use the round nose pliers to create a loop and wrap it around the base to  secure it,
cut the excess wire.
open the loop of the hook earring wire and place the himmeli inside, and close the loop back.
make another one!

xox, d.

keep in touch! 

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