Thursday, December 12, 2013

DIY and inspiration: 18 slippers ideas

finding the right slippers is a hard job for me: 

with my tiny surreal feet I'm always wearing slippers with Disney characters on it. (do not like!!)
Time to put a stop to this.
I've been on the hunt for the perfect slippers to make for myself, and now I found so many that I'll be working full time to make some to give as a gift as well....

In this big-fat-round-up you'll find version for any needs:

crocheted, knitted, no-sew, very-little-sew, using felt or felted.
So... No excuses at all: no more cold feet!
Most of these are patterns and tutorials, most are free, some aren't but the cost is really low.
Some are just inspirations, but once you get the idea... I'm pretty sure it's not so hard to figure it out!

1- free tutorial to make single sole felted clogs 
2- don't have time to make? Get these from Vivaterra or ... keep the idea in mind for when you find some time.
3- Not expensive at all, and you get two patterns in one.
4- Just for inspiration, but doesn't look difficult to make. Image found here.
5- Two-tone slippers.... these are easier than you think. And so so so pretty!
6- Jingle bell slippers! Ideal for kids that play hide and seek, or skip the bell!
7- felted clogs with double sole: bought the pattern today and now I just need to get the wool.
8- these Stephanie's sewn felt slippers are beyond easy and require very little sewing.
9- another pair with felt : I'd do a contrast stitching a maybe a contrast sole color.
10- the one piece one shoe lace Lasso: I mentioned these last year and I'm obsessing over ever since!
11- get your crochet hook and make these rainbow slippers in no time!
12- A pattern from Popular science dated August 1937 shows yo  how to make your own mocassins - ...and the hole magazine is online :) - or another step-by-step tutorial here (thank you, Cate!!)
13- these crochet slippers are super girly, and the pattern is cheap!
14- A lot of people have these ballerina slippers pinned on their pinterest boards, but not linked to the original source. This is the step-by-step free tutorial, in Russian, but if you use Google Chrome you can get it translated and it's so well detailed that you really can't go wrong with it.
15- a pattern straight from the 40s: because slippers haven't changed that much :)
16- how about a pattern for crocheted men's slippers... why not?
17- this pattern is both crocheted and knitted. I like the mixture of techniques.
18- sewing pattern using old denim: I like the idea and might do these for a less warm, spring version!

And last, but not least... Safety first!
this article on moogly published few days ago has all the products required to make your slippers no-slip. 

I'll be on the making for few of these: a pair (or two) for me and some to give as Christmas gifts.
Soon you'll see the result of my efforts :)

xox, d. 

keep in touch! 

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