Monday, November 25, 2013

DIY Sabrina Dehoff Unification bracelet

This bracelet is been on my To-DIY-List literally FOREVER.

I finally got around to make it, and the best part?
Very little supplies, and some of are actually FREE.

top photo: Sabrina Dehoff - collage by moi

DIY Sabrina Dehoff 6 Times Cord Unification Bracelet - the supplies

* about 1-1/2 yr of thick cotton cords.
These are FREE: how can it be possible? just look in the pile of shopping bags you are hoarding, and you'll find plenty that have cotton cord handles. Just un-tie the knots inside the bag and use the cords.
I used two handles in grey and one in black for this bracelet - (I didn't have all grey ones, so I went for my two favorite winter colors: black & grey)
* 10 - 10mm closed jump rings 18 Gauge
* 2 -  barrel end cords with internal diameter 9mm (Mine comes from my stash, but  these would be the perfect fit)
* A lobster clasp and two jump rings for the closure
E6000 glue
* masking tape, scissors, needle and black thread.

DIY Sabrina Dehoff 6 Times Cord Unification Bracelet - the how-to // tutorial

tape the ends and the center of all three ropes

Cut the ropes in the center, leaving tape on each side to prevent fraying.

Arrange the ropes forming an elongated "C", keep the ropes laying flat,
and place some tape at about 3" from the center to keep it flat and from moving.

Fold the other three parts of cords in half,
and place them inside the "C" as shown in the picture.

To make the knot, fold the ends of the cords inside the loop and tie.
Arrange the cords neatly. 

Slip the first jump ring into the two center grey cords in the center.

Slip another jump ring onto the black rope and the grey close to the center,
then repeat on the other side

Now, slip the last two jump rings onto the black cord and the external grey  cord on each side.
Repeat on the other side of the knot.

Measure the length of the bracelet on your wrist, keeping in mind that you'll have the end caps,
and the clasp. Mine is 17cm / 6-3/4"

To secure all the six ends of the ropes and to make it possible to fit inside the end cap,
sew a few stitches and wrap around the thread tightly few times.
Cut the ropes leaving about 1/8" (2mm+/-) from the wrap.

Add few drops of E6000 around the ropes and on the top.

Place the end caps on the edges: it's a tight fit: I used a toothpick to tuck it in .
Now just let the glue dry!

xox, d.

keep in touch! 

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