Saturday, November 16, 2013

DIY Anna-Karin Karlsson sunglasses

"Cause I Flippin Can" ... I'm obsessed!

These sunglasses are so flippin' awesome!
...If you're taken by the look, but not so much by the price tag... You Flippin CAN make it yourself!

left top and bottom: - collage by moi

Thanks yet, again to for giving me the opportunity to have the coolest readers in town! (and a special thanks to Krista who made it possible!)

Cause I Flippin Can - DIY reader glasses - supplies:

* Tamara readers in animal print silver/black 
(I looked at several other cat-eye glasses, but you need a thicker frame for this DIY: these are perfect... meow!)
Black polymer clay
multiple roses silicone mold
* Superglue (check on the label that is suitable for plastic)
Gloss Glaze
* Red nail polish
* Masking tape, Double sided tape, ruler, X-ACTO Knife

Cause I Flippin Can - DIY reader glasses - the how-to // tutorial:

Fill all the cavities of the mold with the black polymer clay.
To get an even level finish in the back, use the X-Acto knife. 

I backed two batches (10 minutes in the oven)
leaving the roses inside the mold while backing,
since these roses are really detailed and couldn't pop these out
without compromising the petals.

Protect, protect, protect!
Use masking tape on the edges of the lenses to protect them from the next
possible messy steps!

Rehearsal time: place some double sided tape on the frame,
so you can pick the roses you like the best, and play with different arrangements.

This is the "bouquet" that I selected:
6 out of 13 roses which I placed in symmetrical way on the frame

Now, remove the roses and use superglue to
place them in the order they will be applied onto the frames.

This is one of the two roses that is going on the outer edge:
because there is a metall connector  on the frame,
you'll need to carve a little dent in the back of these two roses,
so that once glued they'll sit perfectly flat.
LET DRY! ( I waited a couple of hours to make sure)

Apply a coat of glaze on the roses using a small paintbrush.
LET DRY! (another couple of hours...)

Measure and place masking tape on the outer side of the sidepieces.

Use the red nail polish to paint the top part of the frame,
and the sidepieces (make sure that the tape is well sticked so no nail polish will go underneath)
And apply another coat.

...and LET DRY ... AGAIN!
(I let them dry overnight to be better safe than sorry!)
I used a tall glass jar to place my glasses in, so they wouldn't touch any surfaces while getting ready.

Aren't these just So Flippin' Perfect?

xox, d.

keep in touch! 

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