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DIY Rodarte grid sweater

winter version from Rodarte summer 2014 inspiration

The black and white combination has always been my favorite, and with the addition of a little silver it's even more so...
left: Moda Operandi - collage by moi

my inspiration board on Polyvore

I'm in love with the grid pattern and loved even more the extra sparkle of the Rodarte SS 2014 version, but I'm not a big fan of cropped sweaters in general, and since I made this now with the intention of wearing it all winter, I wanted it to be as warm as possible.

So here is my adaptation: not off the shoulders, but a boat neck neckline, and not cropped, but a simple design that sits just below the the hips.

grid sweater - the supplies:

Black Alpaca Superfine yarn - 4 balls (used doubled since it's very thin)
Debbie Bliss Angel, White Mohair - 2 balls
Anchor Artiste Metallic Yarn - Silver - 2 balls
knitting needles and circular needle sizes 4 (3.5mm) and 6 (4mm)
(I used size 4(3.5mm) needles for the ribbed hem and wrists, and everything else with the size 6 (4mm) - also used size 4(3.5mm) circular needle for the tubular around the boat neck neckline)
Crochet Hook, 4mm
tapestry needle and scissors

grid sweater how - to // tutorial:

The making of this sweater is really easy.
The stitches involved are just knit and purl, and there aren't really any difficult steps since the construction is a basic rectangle and trapeze for the sleeves.
So this makes it a great knitting project since it's a great result even for beginners (check my "knitting 101" guide!)
To make this grid sweater, actually you knit the whole sweater with just stripes. ... keep following the step-by-step tutorial and see how is done!

the back:

The back is a simple rectangle, worked in stripes:
see the pattern below with all the detailed measurements and stitches.
Once the ribbed part for the boat neck is done, don't bind off, leave it on the needle.

the front:

the front of this sweater is worked the same way as the back
up until the time to create the boat neck neckline

once all the stitches needed for the neckline are on hold, knit up until the end of the grid design.
for the ribbed part on the top:
pick up all the stitches on hold, and using a crochet hook, pick up evenly few extra stitches on the sides  (I ended up with 119 stitches total) and work the1:1 ribs for 8 rows.
then put on hold the 83 stitches in the middle.

Using the three needles method, join front and back for 18 stitches on each side.
Put the stitches on hold from the front and the back on a circular needle
work 4 rows of tubular on the circular needle 
And using a tapestry needle do the invisible ribbed bind off
(the video below is the one I found the most detailed and clear)

the sleeves:

At this point, this is what your parts will look like.
now it's time to make the GRID happen!

I pinned the picture for the "easy knitted plaid" from long time ago and I knew I wanted to make something in black and white. Since both the picture and the video below are so clear and well done, I'll leave it to them to explain how to go from stripes to grid (or "faux plaid")!
The only difference between the tutorials from is that I looked closely at the Rodarte stitching and the stripes in contrasting colors are always done in two rows - this way the black yarn doesn't need to be cut at every stripe and it's less weaved ends at the end.

At this point, it's almost all done. 
Except... weaving in all the ends will take a big while.
(I can't tell you how much I hate this part!)
Then sew the sleeves and the sides and give your new sweater a nice hot pass under your steamy iron and it's ready to wear!

xox, d.

keep in touch! 

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