Friday, October 11, 2013

DIY Jimmy Choo star glasses

star studded:  from head to toes

When contacted me to give me the chance to DIY a pair of their reading glasses, I had immediately in mind what to do!

Star studs are on almost about anything this year.

my inspiartion board on Polyvore 

... Clearly inspired by the Jimmy Choo "sasha" sunglasses. - collage by moi

Star studded glasses: supplies

Madden reading glasses from (gifted)
* 6 - Silver Star Studs Nailheads 9mm
* 4 - 3mm Silver Round Nailhead - Hotfix Metal Embellishment
E6000® Craft Adhesive, 2 oz
* wire cutters and a toothpick

Star studded glasses: the how-to // tutorial

remove the prongs of the star studs with the wire cutter
Use a toothpick to fill the inside of the star stud with E6000 glue

apply the first star stud over the metal connector on the side 
alternate the star studs with the nailhead studs and let dry
- repeat on the other side -

... and because you want these beauties always with you... 

make a pretty starred chain to go with them!

eyewear chain with stars: supplies

Silver Plated Black Opaque Adjustable Coil Eyeglass Findings
4mm Curb chain link chain, 25"
Wire - 22 Gauge
* 4 large hole star beads 12mm (Pandora Style beads from my stash)
* 8 - 6mm black Faceted Beads (from my stash)
* wire cutters and round nose pliers

Make a pretty starred chain for your readers: the how-to // tutorial

Never without your readers ever again!

cut 4 pieces of wire of 2" long
connect the wire with a linked "rosary style" to the first link of the chain

thread a black bead, the star, and another black bead

connect the wire with the "rosary style" link to the eyeglasses finding
- repeat on the other side -
at about 3" from the edge of the chain, add on both side another
link with the bead-star-bead : once you're wearing your glasses with the chain on,
the stars will be more visible, next to your neck.
Never boring reading glasses ever again!

xox, d.

keep in touch! 

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