Saturday, September 14, 2013

DIY Phillip Lim quilted sweatshirt

Obsessed over the quilted-sweatshirt trend?

Not to worry, you can do-it-yourself :)

of all the quilted sweatshirts I saw while internet browsing, the one that I absolute fell for was the 3.1 Phillip Lim...
Only I have plenty (and more) of grey shirts, and I'm still on a royal blue craze.

My photography skills aren't that good and apparently royal blue isn't camera friendly, so the details in the pictures aren't really showing up :(

left: collage by moi

quilted sweatshirt
plenty of quilted sweatshirt inspiration on by my Polyvore board!

what you need: supplies

* a sweatshirt in a 3 to 4 sizes bigger than your size (mine is a 90% cotton Fruit of the Loom in size men's XL)
Cotton Batting
* light jersey fabric - I cut out an old t-shirt
12" Black Metal Zipper Closed Bottom
Freezer Paper
a reader (expert quilter) comment that rather than freezer paper would be easier to use
Water Soluble Stabilizer : once the quilting is done, you just wash it off. (sounds like I'm going to do more quilting!!!)
* sewing machine (or lots and lots of patience if you decide to doing it by hand)
Twin needles Sz.4.0/80
water erasable marker
* scissors, matching thread,

Make your baroque / damask design

You might remember from my Facebook page, awhile back I started to draw a damask pattern. Well, I thought I'd use it to stencil or something, and I might do that too, but for now... this is what I used as a template for my quilted sweatshirt.

I placed my damask template on a window and transfer my design onto freezer paper

Quilted sweatshirt with damask pattern: the tutorial // how-to:

make sure that the sweatshirt, the batting, and the t-shirt fabric you'll use are being washed and dried on a regular cycle that you'd be using to was your sweatshirt once finished. 
Then, press everything to ensure there are no wrinkles left.

* place your sweatshirt inside out and lay it flat
* place the cotton batting on the front of the sweatshirt and lay flat
* then place the cotton jersey on top (yes, and lay it flat)
pin with abundance and bast in place!!

Turn your sweatshirt inside in and press the freezer paper
with the damask pattern right in the middle of the front.
(fold the freezer paper in half, and mark the half line in the center of a sweatshirt,
to make sure that is perfectly symmetrical)
Although freezer paper is sticking to the sweatshirt, there will be some heavy moving around the sewing machine, therefore I basted the outline of the paper in place)

Open the sides of the sweatshirt (makes it a bit easier, since it's a men's XL and bulky)

Start from the center of the design and SLOWLY sew onto the traces

all done! (took me about 2-1/2 hours)

it's not perfect. But Won't be so noticeable once finished.

Now rip off the freezer paper. Don't pull too hard, or you'll rip your stitches. 

Turn the sweatshirt inside out and cut the excess of the batting and jersey fabric around your design.

I whipped a light mattress stitch on the edges of the batting and the t-shirt fabric,
to give it a more polished - finished look.

Now it's time to re-size the sweatshirt

Oversize doesn't mean that I should look like a clown with sleeves that are 8" longer than my arms!!

I used another one of my sweatshirt-DIY, because I really like the fit,
only left it about a 1/2" wider on the sleeves, and slightly longer; since this has an oversize look.
Bast in place and try on - if the fit is right, sew and cut off the extra.

On the left side, mark the sweatshirt at 3" - this is where the zipper will go

Sew back the ribbed edge, leaving the opening on the 3" mark

Tun your ribbed edges (both the bottom and the wrists)
and top-stitch over the seam with the 4mm twin-needles

Place the zipper in place while closed, with the cursor at the bottom of the sweatshirt

Turn the edges of the zipper under, bast in place

I sewed a straight stitch next to the metal,
and a small zig-zag stitch at the edge

Turn the sweatshirt inside out and cut the opening for the zipper

This will be my FALL UNIFORM, you can be sure about that!!

xox, d.

keep in touch! 

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