Thursday, September 5, 2013

DIY magazine clutch with Darby Smart

Darby Smart asked me to try one of their kits: 
I picked the Magazine Clutch

the kit contains: a satin black clutch (I was really pleased with the good quality of this clutch),
A bottle of Mod Podge, a tube of Super Glue, a foam brush, and clear instructions on how to make your statement clutch.

I received the kit for free and and this is my take on the magazine clutch: in view of Fashion Week starting today, I believe this could be the IT CLUTCH to carry the Fashion Week essentials: smartphone (and the charger!!), lipstick, and a little compact.

Because my brain is wired this way: I had to add my "twist" to it...
So that's why I Used my New Yorker's embroidered cover

I followed the clear tutorial provided in the box, to glue the cover onto my clutch.
When it was time to seal the cover, I added a strip of masking tape on the metal parts of the clutch
(I'm a bit on the messy side).
I gave the FIRST COAT of Mod Podge using long horizontal strokes
and left it to dry overnight - then gave the SECOND COAT using vertical strokes
The two coats with contrasting strokes
 gave the final clutch a great texture that feels almost like Saffiano leather 

And there she is!
A much personalized clutch that nobody else will have.
...And fashion is all about standing out, right?

xox, d.

keep in touch! 


  1. That came out amazing! Very unique and beautiful.

  2. I have a very similar clutch with me, its old but I think it'll be perfect for this DIY...will try it soon

  3. I'm all about DIY one of a kind pieces! Definitely going to try this one!

  4. pretty! I liked the embroidered cover before, and it looks really cool now!

  5. You are so genius to embroider the magazine. And the cross-hatch texture is a great idea. I recently finished a Darby Smart clutch too and was a bit bothered by the brush marks.

  6. That's AMAZING!!! You did such a gorgeous job!


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