Sunday, September 1, 2013

DIY: embroidered The New Yorker cover

my first attempt at embroidery on paper

Inspired by the work of artists Izziyana SuhaimiInge Jacobsen and Lauren Di Cioccio, I decided to keep it simple for my first trial and to go with an illustration rather than a photograph.

I love the "A woman dressed in red" by Birgit Schoessow on The New Yorker's cover and decided to give it a try. 

how I did it: embroidered magazine cover tutorial

I took a picture of the magazine and had it printed on a 8x11 photo paper, because the cover is so thin I was afraid to tear it while stitching on it.
I used embroidery floss in these colors: DMC #334 - #817 - #814 - #3831- #310

I placed a little padding surface and started to punched the holes for the stitches about 1/8" apart

This is how it looks on the back
I punched the holes in sections,
because I imagine that it would have been really confusing to have all the punching done at once:
so started with the title and the skyline and part of the hat,
and once that part was stitched, I went down on the dress,
punching what I would have stitched color by color.

It took me about three nights, so yes, it was time consuming.
At the beginning I was thinking to do just the title, and the skyline,
but once I started stitching, I kept adding more and more details and couldn't stop.
Embroidery on paper is highly addictive!!

Again, to keep it simple for my first trial, I used a running stitch, and stitched over twice so it would look like a continuous line.

And here my favorite part: the details!

On the wrist, where the bracelet is, I added beads rather than plain stitches

Love the hat that plays with the "O" of the title 

This is part of a fashion project that will be shared in the next few days ;) check back later in the week, ok?

xox, d.

keep in touch! 

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