Monday, August 19, 2013

DIY t-shirt with silk chiffon

change the look of a plain t-shirt with silk chiffon:
few tricks to for an easy DIY

what you need // supplies

- a plain t-shirt in your pick of color (mine is a Hanes Men's ComfortBlend® in royal blue)
- half yard of silk chiffon in matching color (I bought mine on Ebay from seller SilkFabric and got really lucky because the color is the perfect match!!)
Freezer Paper
Fabric scissors
Schmetz #1770 - Twin Needle - 3mm
... and a sewing machine: (you don't need a fancy one: I used my Brother sewing machine)

t-shirt with chiffon: the how-to // tutorial ... and the tricks

Cut the crew neck ribbing along the seams.

  trick #1: use freezer paper to cut and manipulate light fabric!  

Prepare the silk chiffon by ironing onto the freezer paper:
this step will make dealing with chiffon much easier;
and it won't let the light silk fray while you're cutting it and sewing! 

  trick #2: wear the t-shirt over a box to make a pattern of a seamless neckline!  

Place the shirt onto a box where you'd have placed a sheet of paper .
Stretch it and make sure that is symmetrical: you can now 
trace the neck opening 
onto the sheet of paper
Now trace an inner line and an outer line to the pattern of your neck opening
(the traced lines are about 7/8" from the center line)
cut the paper pattern and
(in case the neck opening won't fit around your head, 
trim a little extra around the neck of your t-shirt and repeat this last step)
I traced the pattern on the back of the freezer paper, marking the front and the back sides

Cut two pieces of silk without cutting the inner part 

Stretch the neck opening of your shirt and run a basting stitch over the two layers of silk
leaving the inner mark of the pattern about 3/4" visible over the t-shirt.

Now cut part of the inner pattern, still leaving more than you need so it won't fray

Use the twin needles to sew around the neck:
I kept the foot of my sewing machine on the inner edge as guide.

Cut the seams off the sleeves

Cut along the side seams just up 1/2" from the sleeves 
Cut two triangles of silk chiffon with the length of the side openings of the t-shirt + 4"
the base of the triangles is 8" wide

  trick #3: use a piece of cardstock with a line to press rolling edges or hem lines !  

Remove the freezer paper and use a piece of cardstock with a line traced at 3/8"
to press the sides of the triangles neatly

Press the sides twice so there won't be any fraying edges exposed

With the t-shirt inside out bast the chiffon triangles
(with the folds of the silk chiffon facing the t-shirt)

Sew along the edge with the twin needle :
I sewed two seams to keep the side seams neatly down
cut the silk chiffon at 1/2" longer than the t-shirt hem (to allow extra room for fraying)

Cut two pieces of silk chiffon on the diagonal sides of the previously cut triangles:
about 2" wide  x the circumference of the sleeves slightly stretched.
Pin the fabric onto the sleeves and sew along the edge with the twin needle. 

Once all the seams are done, remove the freezer paper.
Because of the twin needles, that make a sort of a zig-zag pattern on the  wrong part of the fabric,
there will be some leftover paper trapped into the seams.
I soaked my shirt in warm water for a little bit, and that helped remove most of it.
You can see there is just a little left around the neck.
Next wash should get rid of the rest.

Caring instruction: Hand-wash only and hang or lay flat to dry! 

NOTE: I really like the flared shape, and this shirt was a bit too tight; so adding the extra fabric on the side was not only a matter of taste, but a real need.
This is not the first time I'm adding a triangular shape on a t-shirt:
- my most popular post of  the DIY - Red Valentino "bow on the back t-shirt" has a triangular insert in the back
- and on the DIY - Add a flare  tank top I used a lace motif applique in the front.

xox, d.

keep in touch! 
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