Monday, August 26, 2013

DIY Lanvin Vault embellished t-shirt

sequins and beads on a t-shirt for that extra spark

Love the Lanvin Vault embellished t-shirt? Get the look without breaking the bank!
Just a little patience, sequins and beads.

top: - collage by moi

First, modify the collar and the sleeves of your t-shirt adding a silk chiffon edge:

follow this tutorial for detailed step-by-step instructions

left: - collage by moi

embellished t-shirt: supplies

* A small piece of fabric (9" x 12" is more than enough) matching the color of the t-shirt
(I don't like using felt for brooches this large because it would too hot for a summer piece: you can use cotton, or jersey knit)
Thermoweb Heat'n Bond Lite Iron-on Adhesive
Straight Bugle Glass Bead 2 by 4mm - Cobalt
* 3 safety pins
* Matching polyester thread, needle & scissors

Embellished t-shirt tutorial // the how-to:

I decided to make this embellishment as a brooch, rather than sewing directly on the t-shirt to ease the process of washing my t-shirt without damaging the embellishment, and because this way, I can use the brooch as a corsage on the lapel of a jacket, or on a sweater:
I did the same last year with my red silk corsage t-shirt .

Cut three pieces of fabric using the the shape in the picture

Cut the heat'n bond paper with the same shape
and fuse together with your iron two pieces of the blue fabric

start sewing the small sequins one by one with one bead on the top, and do this "ground-cover"
all over the base fabrics - there's no pattern, so it won't take as much as you'd think.

One movie later, ... everything will be sparkly like this
For the pendant parts, thread the bugle glass beads,
then alternate 1 large sequin and a glass seed bead for 13 times, pass the needle
into the first bugle glass bead next to the sequin, and thread more bugle glass beads
till reaching the sequined fabric, then secure onto the fabric with a double knot.
Repeat in three / four parts of the embellishment with different lengths.
Now fill all the tiny spaces in between the small sequins
with the larger sequins and the bugle glass beads,
also overlapping the beads and sequins to give extra dimension
Now, press the other heat'n bond paper onto the third piece of fabric
(keep in mind that this will go onto the wrong part of the embellishment)
Sew the pins as shown in the picture
(the heat'n'bond has been pressed already and it's on the other side of the fabric)
All the pins are in place
Press the fabric with the pins onto the wrong side of the fabric with the sequins,
keeping the settings of the iron medium so you won't melt the sequins.
- Front view -
Trim the edges so the embellishment won't have any fray parts
(and the heat'n'bond will prevent any further fraying)
- Back view -
Now it's all finished, pin around the neck of the t-shirt 
or use your new brooch to give some spark to a jacket lapel!

xox, d.

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