Monday, July 15, 2013

DIY t-shirt tropicana style

How about a tropical "rather subtle" look ?

I ve never been a big "print" person, and I decided to go for a subtle version of the hawaiian - tropical - caribbean flowers & leaves that are a must have this summer.

Here it is: my tropicana "subtle" applique t-shirt refashion!
Inspired by all the bold prints: check out my inspiration board on Polyvore!

what you need // supplies 

I used a white t-shirt with a scoop neck, and the remnants  of a heather grey t-shirt (which had already been chopped for other projects) for the leaves and the flower.
Print the three silhouettes setting your printer to print on a letter size.
I went for a one of each on my shirt, but you can certainly add more.

*Pebeo Setacolor Opaque Fabric Paint 45-Milliliter Bottle, Shimmer Pearl
*DMC 415 5-4210 Color Variations Pearl Cotton Thread, Size 5, 27-Yard, Radiant Ruby
*DMC 415 5-4050 Color Variations Pearl Cotton Thread, Size 5, 27-Yard, Roaming Pastures
*DMC 415 5-4075 Color Variations Pearl Cotton Thread, Size 5, 27-Yard, Wheat Fields
*DMC 415 5-4047 Color Variations Pearl Cotton Thread, Size 5, 27-Yard, Emerald Isle
* paintbrush, needle, scissors

DIY tropicana shirt: the how- to // tutorial

Cut the silhouettes of the flower and the leaves and then pin the individual parts on a piece of paper

Use the pearl fabric paint with a paintbrush just around the edges -
Let dry and press on reverse to fix the fabric paint.

(I left the fabric pinned on the paper - it's easier)

Adjust the leaves and the flower onto your shirt
(I put the shirt on a piece of cardboard to stretch it to my size).
Try the t-shirt on, and eventually re-adjust the placements.
Pin the leaves or sew few basting stitches to keep them in place.

Sew a running stitch at about 3/16" from the edge,
so that the pearl edges will be well visible.

I started and ended each section with a knot on the right side of the fabric.
(Something I saw done on Alabama's Chanin  and love it)

Stunning effect, right?
And beyond easy ;) !!

I would not mind matching my shirt with 
If you ladies happens to have few spares ;) ... send them my way!!! 

xox, d.

keep in touch! 

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