Wednesday, June 12, 2013

DIY clear cosmetics clutch

following the transparent beach bag

here's the matching cosmetics clutch

This clutch was intended to load my sunscreen and beach-related product, but...

...since it's transparent, I already used as toiletry bag for my plane trip and it earned a big A+!
Lightweight, transparent, holds a lot of the small bottles, and it's prettier than a ziplock bag.
and TSA approved!

what's in my cosmetics beach clutch?

clear crocheted cosmetics clutch - supplies needed:

Ribbed Shelf Liner 24"x10' (leftover from the beach bag)
Cutting mat, ruler and rotary cutter
x-acto knife
Hand Punch Circle 1/8"
Crochet Hook, 2.75mm 
* White cotton yarn -  about 2 balls of crochet yarn used in 2 and  4 strands 
* white zipper 13" long

DIY cosmetic clutch template

cosmetic clutch - the how-to // tutorial:

You can use the template, or, in my case, work with what I had left.

I had just enough of the ribbed shelf liner left.
I Had to use it in diagonal, folding a square into a triangle as shown in the picture.

then I used a round lid to cut the top with the x-acto knife

cut the two sides straight
Keep the plastic folded in half, and place some tape in the middle
to prevent it from moving.
Mark the dots every 3/8" and punch the holes.

Crochet a single crochet around, working two single crochet every 5 stitches on the curved sides, so it won't be tight.
Once it's all crocheted, fold the plastic in half, and start sewing the straight parts together, starting from the rounded edge going down.

Once you reached about 2" from the middle part, fold it as in the GIF above, to create the wider base, and sew it in place.
Repeat the same on the other side.

 Time to crochet the scalloped edge:
7 dc into the same stitch - sk 1 st - 1 sc - sk 1 st - 7 dc into the same stitch
pin the zipper in place and sew it .

xox, d.

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