Monday, June 3, 2013

DIY Chan Luu inspired tube bracelets

these bracelets are so simple to make

I can assure you that you'll make plenty, 
in just about any color to match your outfits!

Clearly inspired by the Chan Luu bracelets, although I decided to make the closure of my version a little different.
The original Chan Luu bracelets are adjustable (by using a square knot in the back), although I know my wrist size isn't going to change any time soon, and made mine with a pretty mother of pearl button and less stringing hanging in the back.

left pic : - collage by moi

DIY Chan Luu twist and tube bracelet: supplies needed

embroidery floss in one or two tone of your choice (or crochet cotton yarn)
* (1) Silver Plated Curved Noodle Tube Bead 5mm x 30mm
* (1) 2 Hole Buttons Mother of Pearl 15mm
* scissors
* painter's tape (not pictured)

the tutorial // how-to:

This friendship bracelet consists in the "half knot twist", probably the simplest macrame knot.
You can use a solid color or two different colors: it's easier to follow the tutorial with two colors, though.

Prepare the embroidery floss as follow:
* color 1 (mint) - one strand 19" long (the core)
one strand 4 yards long
* color 2 (ivory) - one strand 4 yards long

pass each floss into the two holes of the button
and place the  button right in the middle

tape the button and the lower part of the floss used for the core
/ each floss will be used double stranded /
start by making the figure of the number "4" with the ivory by
passing UNDER the core and OVER the mint
the mint floss goes OVER the ivory AND the core
and UNDER the  side of the "4"

tie the knot really tight until reaches the bottom part of the button

keep doing the same knot over and over, 
always starting forming the "4" from the left side
few knots later, you'll see that the cord will start to twist!

NOTE: it will get really twisty! Don't panic, un-twist the floss, and keep going (make sure while un-twisting to place the color on the same side where it was while twisted)

Keep going until you reached the length of your wrist + some ease + 1-1/2"
(in my case the total length from the base of the button is 9")

thread the curved tube bead into the bracelet

Tie a knot at the end of the twist, then fold the last part and
create a "button hole" by making another overhead knot
Trim the floss evenly: DONE!

This is how the twist looks just under the button:
polished and clean!

make lots, stack'em up!

xox, d.

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  1. Another great tutorial D! Thanks for sharing, I like the bracelets!


  3. I love the bracelet and I love your tutorial!!! Thanks so much.

    1. You're welcome ! and thanks for stopping by :) d.

  4. Great tutorial. Love the bracelets. I tried doing these for first time but by the time I got to the end of the core thread my braid was really short. Dont know what I did wrong!

    1. Hi Clare! the core doesn't get braid, it's just in the middle to add some body to the bracelet. The parts that are getting braided are the 4 yr long. ... hope this helps! :)

    2. Hi Donatella! Thanks for the reply. Yeah I had the core taped down and was just braiding the other two. I think maybe my core was just too short. How long should it roughly be when taped down from the button?

    3. Hi Clare,
      my core is 19" long, which gets divided in half at the top with the button, so you'll get maximum a braided strand of 8.5" long, and that needs to be enough to make a button hole on the other end, which means that your finished bracelet wil be not longer than 6.5" - 7" . Measure your wrist, than add about 2" and multiply x 2 and add some more for some extra room while working on it :)

    4. Ah thats where I was going wrong! Didnt allow enough core for the extra! Thanks a lot for your help. Cant wait to make some of these with the thread I have. Love your tutorials

    5. :) i have baby wrists!!! :) thanks for your compliments!!


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