Friday, June 28, 2013

DIY Anthropologie dip dyed knot necklace

dip + dyed + knot 

... three magic words in my DIY dictionary!

This is what I made for E's birthday... some weeks ago.
I saw the Anthropologie dip dyed necklace and I knew few facts:
- she loves anything Anthro;
- her favorite color is still purple,
- a girl can never have enough accessories.

left: anthropologie - collage by moi

DIY dip dyed knot necklace supplies:

Waxed Cotton Cord 2mm White (about 3 yards)
* 2- Leather Cord Ends  4mm
Pebeo Setacolor Transparent Fabric Paint Parma Violet
4mm delicate Curb Chain  1ft
a drop of E-6000 glue

because the necklace is rather long, the clasp and jump rings are optional (I decided to opt out)
* 1- Silver Plated Curved Lobster Clasps 10mm
* 2-  8mm Open Jump Rings 

DIY dip dyed knot necklace tutorial // how-to:

First: wash the cord with warm water and soap, to get the wax off.
Once dried, the cord will appear thicker.
(in the picture: on the right the cord brand new - on the left washed and dried)

make a 4 bights turk's head knot

the knot is very easy, just follow the arrows...
Fold the cord in half and wrap the knot around twice.

Once the knot is done, give it the "messy look" by un-tighten it a little. 
use a plastic container, and pour just the size of
a hazelnut amount of fabric paint into it.

Mix it with few spoonfuls of water,
and dip a sample of the cord to check the color intensity

Dip the knot into the dye, and leaving just the knot a little longer
to give it a darker shade.
Leave it to dry - for a more intense color,
once dried dip the part with the knot once again in the dye.

At this point, it's really up to you.. you can leave the knot as is

...or you can un-tight it a bit more, to show off the ombre effect.

Wrap the two cords tightly with some tape at about 3" over the dye

Cut the cords, leaving just about 1/8" to keep the two cords together

Using a drop of E6000 and a toothpick,
slide the cords into the cord end - on both sides

Slide the chain into the cord ends and
/additional/ use a jump ring to connect the clasp in the center
and another jump ring for the closure.

... head over to Encourage Fashion to see the red version with a 5 bights knot
(the same knot I used for the nylon cord coasters!!)

xox, d.

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

DIY clear cosmetics clutch

following the transparent beach bag

here's the matching cosmetics clutch

This clutch was intended to load my sunscreen and beach-related product, but...

...since it's transparent, I already used as toiletry bag for my plane trip and it earned a big A+!
Lightweight, transparent, holds a lot of the small bottles, and it's prettier than a ziplock bag.
and TSA approved!

what's in my cosmetics beach clutch?

clear crocheted cosmetics clutch - supplies needed:

Ribbed Shelf Liner 24"x10' (leftover from the beach bag)
Cutting mat, ruler and rotary cutter
x-acto knife
Hand Punch Circle 1/8"
Crochet Hook, 2.75mm 
* White cotton yarn -  about 2 balls of crochet yarn used in 2 and  4 strands 
* white zipper 13" long

DIY cosmetic clutch template

cosmetic clutch - the how-to // tutorial:

You can use the template, or, in my case, work with what I had left.

I had just enough of the ribbed shelf liner left.
I Had to use it in diagonal, folding a square into a triangle as shown in the picture.

then I used a round lid to cut the top with the x-acto knife

cut the two sides straight
Keep the plastic folded in half, and place some tape in the middle
to prevent it from moving.
Mark the dots every 3/8" and punch the holes.

Crochet a single crochet around, working two single crochet every 5 stitches on the curved sides, so it won't be tight.
Once it's all crocheted, fold the plastic in half, and start sewing the straight parts together, starting from the rounded edge going down.

Once you reached about 2" from the middle part, fold it as in the GIF above, to create the wider base, and sew it in place.
Repeat the same on the other side.

 Time to crochet the scalloped edge:
7 dc into the same stitch - sk 1 st - 1 sc - sk 1 st - 7 dc into the same stitch
pin the zipper in place and sew it .

xox, d.

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Monday, June 10, 2013

DIY transparent beach bag

this summer is all about transparency

left pic: net a porter - collage by moi

so be it!

I wanted to make a new beach bag (although my DIY flamingo tote will still have plenty of action, I promise!) and my attention was dragged by these clear beauty.
Particularly, I loved the Dolce & Gabbana one. 
Only I wanted mine clear. 
And with some texture.
And I ended up making the bag, and having enough material to make the matching cosmetic clutch (tutorial HERE!)  that fits all my "beach needs". 

clear inspiration on Polyvore

supplies needed:

Ribbed Shelf Liner 24"x10'
Cutting mat, ruler and rotary cutter
Hand Punch Circle 1/8"
Crochet Hook, 2.75mm 
* White cotton yarn -  about 2 balls of crochet yarn used in 2 and  4 strands

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