Friday, May 10, 2013

DIY - Vanities cord bracelets

if your mom loves edgy jewelry:

... she's going to love these bracelets!

Two tutorials in one post:  
attention - picture heavy [but totally worthy]

top picture: Polyvore - collage by moi

Made several of these the other day because I love how they look all staked - serious ARM SWAG going on!!

Ready for the tutorials? ... keep reading, it's all there!

#1: Rope and rhinestones 


* for each bracelet I used about 7" of cotton covered clothing line (leftover from my wannabe rug)
pebeo transparent setacolor in red, blue and yellow
* 2 - Swarovski 10 mm glass pearls  (for the yellow bracelet I used only one - slightly bigger from my stash)
* 3 - 8mm Swarovski Crystal Rondelle Spacer Bead  (only two for the yellow one)
* 2 glass beads in contrasting colors
* 1 - Kumihimo Integral End Caps/Magnetic Clasp 6mm
* 1 yard of embroidery floss in contrasting color (or cotton yarn)
* a needle with a large eye
* a tea light
E-6000 glue
* scissors

the tutorial // how-to:

Soak the ropes into a thick paint (just add a spoonful of water)
First: dye the rope - 
I made these on a very rainy day - felt too lazy to go out and look for the right size colored ropes - beside, this way you don't have to add anything to your existing stash!
I let the ropes sit into the paint for a bit, then squeeze the excess color out.
Let dry almost completely and then used a sponge with just the fabric color on.
(sorry, my hands were so messy I couldn't take any pics of the process)
Let dry very well - and use your iron on high temperature to fix the color.

pass about a yard of the embroidery floss through the wax of the candle
(this will make the floss sturdier and threading the beads much easier)

Thread the beads into the middle of the embroidery floss
in the order you see in the picture

You won't need a needle - the waxed floss will be sturdy enough
 just twist and thread

pass the floss on each side of the first spacer after the color beads 
pull the floss tight so all the beads will be lining up

find the middle part of the rope and align it with the spacer in the center

start from one side,  and wrap the floss in between each component,
then repeat with the other side of the floss 

the floss stands out to the cord with a "  | X | X | " pattern:
to finish it up:
thread the floss into a needle and make an overhead knot on both sides 

poke the rope in the middle with the needle 

get the floss through the core of the rope all the way out to the  end
 then repeat these last two operations on the other side

cut to size to fit your wrist - add some E6000 glue on the inner part of the clasp
...wait until dry !

 #2: Rope spikes and raffia


* cotton covered clothing line + pebeo setacolor in red
Natural Raffia Mini Bundle (you can find also raffia in colors, I happen to have some natural on hand)
* large needle
* scissors, a small screwdriver

 the tutorial // how-to:

Proceed to dye the rope as for the previous part of the post :)

take few strands of raffia (about 2 ft long) and thread the needle 

poke through the center of the rope 

leave a "tail" of about 1-1/2" of the raffia -
pass the needle back and leave a loop -
the spike is not all the way screwed in

place the spike into the loop an pull

repeat 3 or 4 times (depending of the size of the raffia's strands as they are always un-even)
leaving longer loops (+/- 1-1/2" long) on the opposite side of the spike,
don't worry about being neat :)

once the first tassel has reached the right size,
start with another strand of raffia just next to the first one

once all three studs will be in place,
it will look somehow this way

Use a toothpick to secure the raffia around the screws
on the back of the spikes and next to the rope

screw the spikes tight (while the glue is still wet)

Cut the raffia strands at about 1" from the rope

Cut the rope to fit the wrist and glue the ends into the clasp!

So what you say? Aren't these gorgeous?
xox, d.

keep in touch! 

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