Saturday, May 4, 2013

DIY cord, tubes and pearls bracelet pt.2

this is the simplified version of the previously made

tubes and pearls bracelet 

Well, this is a gold tone version of it, but with an easier way to string it, and only one knot on one side, so it's less bulky.
This time around, I also used shorter tube beads which look much better around the wrist.


* 10 yards - Waxed Cotton Cord 1.5mm
* 1 - Gold Plated Lobster Clasps 23mm
* 3 - 12mm Open Jump Rings
* 3 - Gold Plated Curved Noodle Tube Beads 5mm x 30mm
* 13 - Gold Plated 6mm Open Jump Rings
* 13 - Gold Plated Head Pins
Round Nose Pliers, Flat nose Pliers, Wire cutter
Not pictured:
a small plastic bottle (circumference just a bit wider than your wrist), painter's tape, a large needle and scissors.

the tutorial // how-to:

Open one of the large jump rings and attach it to the lobster clasp.

Place another one of the large jump rings into the clasp,
and tape well the clasp onto the plastic bottle.

Pass the cord into one of the jump rings,
find the middle part and tape the two ends together
(the tape will serve as a needle to go through the tubes and jump rings).

Pass the tube bead through the cord.
(actually, I changed it later and added a jump ring before  and one after the tube)

Wrap the cord around the bottle and reach the jump ring on the other side,
pass the cords through the jump ring.

Pass the cord again into the tube bead and wrap it around the jump ring.

Place one or two of the smaller jump rings onto the cord
and keep wrapping around it the bigger jump rings.

That's what I made:
1st wrap: 1 jump ring, 1 tube, 1 jump ring
2nd - 3rd - 4th wraps : 1 jump ring
5th wrap: 1 jump ring, 1 tube, 1 jump ring
6th - 7th - 8th wraps: 1 jump ring
9th wrap: 1 jump ring, 1 tube, 1 jump ring

Tie the knot! ... Only one.

By making the bracelet this way, you'll end up with only one side that will need a knot: which in my opinion looks much neater and not as bulky as the version I made last year.

1* when you get to the last pass through the jumprings and the tube, thread the large needle with the remaining cord.
2* pass the needle under the bracelet, leaving the loop a bit loose.
3* wrap around the side of the bracelet once.
4* pass it under the large jump ring.
5* and under the bracelet.
6* pass it through the first loop created at the beginning, open the double cord in two, and pass only one side back to the loop that you just made.
7* now there are two cords that can be knot together.
8* tie a double knot.
9* cut the remaining rope and it's done!

Use the round nose pliers wrap each pearl through the head pins and to the jump rings.

To avoid the chance that the pearls will move around,
open the last one of the big jump rings and wrap it around the cords next to the clasp
(on the opposite side than the knot).

Wrap another pearl on this last jump ring and it's finished!

This bracelet was part of E's birthday present and she texted me that she "loved it, wearing it as I speak... you're the best!" I think I NAILED IT!!

xox, d.

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