Monday, April 15, 2013

DIY Venessa Arizaga multi-strand necklace

wrap chains with pretty colors 

for a DIY Venessa Arizaga's look

left: Venessa Arizaga - collage by moi
Loved these multi-chains necklaces, and picking different chains and the possibilities are endless if you play with the selection of colors.
Of course, after browsing and browsing... my selection fell on the blues with silver chains.

DIY Venessa Arizaga necklace: supplies

5 strand end bar / 1
14 mm lobster clasp / 1
dmc pearl embroidery floss - I used these colors: DMC 115 3-311 Navy BlueDMC 115 5-796 Dark Royal BlueDMC 115 5-798 Dark Delft BlueDMC 115 5-996 Medium Electric Blue
Metallic Embroidery Floss Aquamarine Blue
Fray Check
Flat Nose Pliers (easier with two sets)
* a crochet hook (the hook has to fit into the chain links- mine is a 1.4mm )
* a large needle

DIY multi strand chain necklace the how-to / tutorial:

Initially I wanted to make this necklace using knitting yarn,
but I didn't have all the variations of colors.
In this closeup you can see the difference between the pearl embroidery floss and
the regular floss from DMC:
I love the "twist look" of the pearl floss and it has a better "body" and shine.

Cut the first strand of 20" of chain, and using the #796 floss,
crochet a single crochet in each link.
Once you got to the end of the chain, leave a 1-1/2" tail,
and work another row of single crochet with the metallic floss
Weave in the tails, Fray Check and trim the excess.
Cut another strand of chain of 22"
Place the second row of chain just next to the one which has been crocheted
Use the big needle and the floss #798
and wrap around the first two links a couple of time
(leave a 1-1/2" tail)

To connect the two chains with the embroidery floss,  I used a mattress stitch
Pass the needle trough the chain links, from the one without crochet to the one with the crochet
leave a loop and pass the needle trough the loop.
I did the mattress stitch for 45 links.

Repeat the same mattress stitch cutting a 24" chain and using the #996 floss,
and the last chain 26" and #311 floss.
While using the last color floss (#311) leave a 5" tail at the beginning.
To have a nice finish look, use the beginning tail of the #311 floss,
and wrap the mattress stitch around the top part, while weaving the other tails in.
Seal with fray check and cut the excess.
To end the floss neatly on the front part of the necklace,
wrap the last stitch two more times around the last links,
then turn the necklace on the wrong side, and make an overhead knot.
Seal with Fray check and trim the excess.

One side is done, now is time to repeat the same operations on the other side:
turn the second strand of chain leaving a longer drop in the center
and start sewing the same way - only you'll sew from left to right
(So the stitch will look symmetrical)
Remember to sew the same 45 links on this isde as well!

This necklace has 4 strands of chains, but I used a 5 strand end bar...
because I'll link a jumpring to the endbar also on the crocheted part.
Then connect the other jumprings to the first chain link at the top to the end bar.

Connect the Lobster clasp with a jumpring on one side,
and add a jumpring on the other side... done!
If the drop of the center of the necklace is too long or too short, you can always open a link of the chain and remove or add some links to get the perfect look!

xox, d.

...and check Stripes & Sequins' version, too!

keep in touch! 
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