Thursday, April 4, 2013

DIY Falabella inspired e-cigarette necklace

this one is the "chic" e-cigarette holder version,

blinking at the Falabella series by Stella McCartney


* a small piece of leather (this was from the handle of an old bag)
* 3ft of 4mm x 6mm flat curb link chain
*  Extra Strong & Upholstery Thread
hand sewing leather needle
* the template of the e-cigarette (you can find it on my previous tutorial)

make a falabella inspired e-cigarette necklace: the how-to / tutorial:

because I'm using the handle of an old bag (which was perfect in size)
I only needed to cut the top and bottom part to match the template
and remove the stitching with a Seam Ripper 
lay the chain flat around the leather pieces
use the leather needle and double thread to sew the chain around the  leather

Because it's hard to see with the silver chain, silver leather and natural thread, I made a small sample of how to sew the chain to the leather:

1* place a small piece of double tape on the inner part of the leather pieces at 1/4" from the part that will be sew.
2* make a knot on your thread, and pass the needle from the wrong side - out, so that the knot will stay tucked inside and won't be noticeable.
3* put the two pieces of leather together, wrong sides in, and sew the around the other piece of leather.
4* now pass the needle into the first link of the chain and into the same first stitch.
5* pass on the next link of the chain, then go through the leather.

Keep going until you reached half way-through, then remove the tape and keep going around.

one side of the seam will look with the stitches perpendicular to the chain

while on the other side the stitches will be at an angle

Clean any pencil marks from the leather, and this is it!
It was ready in half-hour, and I didn't put a clasp on the back, I just open one of the links of the chain and connected it to the next one, since it's wide enough to go over my mom's head!
BTW: she's on her 4th month with the e-cigarette, and she doesn't even put the nicotine in the liquid inside.
...and she didn't put on any weight, I know this is concern on people who wants to quit smoking!

keep in touch! 
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