Friday, April 19, 2013

DIY Antropologie preserved rope cuff

a quick "get-the-look" version of the preserved rope cuff

from Orly Genger by Jaclyn Mayer for Anthropologie

top: Antropologie - collage by moi

This is just a "get the look" since I'm not going to use resin, and it's only a little "work around" for a fun, inexpensive summer cuff:

get the Anthropologie look: supplies

all these supplies can be found ... in your home and at the hardware store

You need:
* a metal hanger
* 8" of clear plumbing tubing 1/2" internal diameter 3/8"
* 6" of climbing rope 1/2" diameter
* 2 copper tube end caps
* a lighter
* scissors
Wire cutters (not pictured)
E-6000 glue

Because the quantities of the tubing and rope needed are so little, you might be able to even get them as "sample" at your local hardware store!

Make this fun preserved rope cuff: the how-to / tutorial:

Start by cutting a 6" piece or wire from the metal hanger

insert the metal wire inside the core of the nylon cord

Get all the wire inside tucked into the nylon cord

Burn both sides of the edges of the nylon cord

Cut the tube at 8" long: if the tube is slightly longer than the rope its a bit easier

insert the cord into the tube - you might have to twist it a bit
when the cord is all inside the tube, cut the tube at the same length of the cord
Place few drops of E6000 into the end tube caps

Because the end tube caps are the same diameter of the clear tube,
use the lighter to warm the edges of the clear tube and tuck the tube inside the end caps 
Shape the bracelet in a semi-circle, and the wire inside will help to keep the shape!

I know I'll be layering this one with my Rowan-  Orly Genger inspired bracelet

have fun making many in different colors!

xox, d.

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